A Week Without Online News: Oct. 27th — Nov. 3rd, 2020

I’m a news junkie. After waking up, staggering into the kitchen for tea, and reacquainting myself with the couch, I poke my phone and scroll through several of my favourite news apps: CBC, The Guardian, Apple News and Fox…

How to plant, cultivate, harvest and prepare a hot lunch for the whole school, with the whole school, on your own school grounds

By Jenny Groves & Simon Hocking

Davis Bay Greenhouse in action (Hocking, 2019)

Where we come from:

“Due to our rich natural surroundings, Davis Bay Elementary has environmental education, place-based learning, and related literature, numeracy and science learning opportunities at the centre of our programming and learning.” (DBES, 2020)

Davis Bay Elementary School (DBES) is a Kindergarten through Grade 7 school…

Lessons from Scientific and Indigenous Traditions

Fire draws us toward it. Transfixed by the way it moves; shape-shifting and illuminating the shadows, we delight in both the warmth it creates and marvel at the mystery of its creation. We learn about fire by studying it; from ignition, combustion and management…

Wendy Miller and Tim Turner on Life Lessons for Happiness

From left: Chael MacArthur, Robin Ashwell (new directors of Sea to Sky), Tim Turner, Wendy Miller

May 14, 2020, Gibsons, BC

In this time of solitude, uncertainty and fear, I decided to reach out to my old friends and mentors Wendy and Tim to learn about happiness. In all appearances, as a team, they have been…

This is a unit I designed for my Grade 5/6/7 class. It would be suitable for any middle school classroom, and could be modified for higher or lower grades. The unit blends elements of Product Learning, Design Thinking, the Circular Economy and Project-Based Learning. Students will employ creative problem-solving to design and build a pencil case, based on research into factors such as aesthetics, life-cycle analysis, feasibility, cost, etc. Please feel free to use it!

A Zero Garbage Week in Costa Rica

I decided to create as little garbage as possible for a week abroad as a challenge to see what a traveller could do to minimize their impact, specifically regarding waste related to food consumption.

Bus stop advertisement in San Jose, Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica as a family is lovely…

Social entrepreneurship according to Brian Smith

Photo submitted by Persephone Brewing Company for the Tyee: https://thetyee.ca/Presents/2016/11/02/Persephone-BC-Brewery/

I met Brian Smith about 15 years ago at a Youth & Sustainability conference in Whistler, British Columbia. I presented a ‘Songwriting for Sustainability’ workshop with a colleague from the company I was working for at the time — Sea to Sky Outdoor School…

Simon Hocking

Classroom Teacher, Ecophile, Adventurer, Father, Writer.

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